¿About us?

We are a proudly Guatemalan company that started operations in 2009. We provide comprehensive logistics services with the highest quality, to timely meet the needs and expectations of the main actor in all imports and exports.

Our services at a general level within the logistics chain are: container handling of all types and classes in our terminals, we carry out documentation and agency processes for Shipping Lines and / or direct clients. Additionally, we provide a wide range of services to ships during their port stay.

In Alopsa we add value through

1. High quality equipment and machinery.

2. Trained and specialized human talent.

3. Personalized attention.

4. Orientation to win-win results.

5. Continuous improvement in everything we do.

6. Opening and continuous attention to the needs and priorities of our clients.

Our philosophy is to generate added value to our clients, through transparency and commitment, seeking their loyalty.

Our main objective is to offer integral solutions to the main actors in the logistics chain.
+ 10 years of experience making a difference by leaps and bounds

In Alopsa we have the installed capacity to meet the needs of the client, throughout the process in terminals and transfer to ports. Our operations are carried out 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

The main engine of our operations is our human talent, so we ensure a culture based on good Occupational Health and Safety practices, allowing the development of our activities in a safe environment for our internal and external clients.

We are committed to promoting sustainable growth and development to the country and especially in the places where we operate.